Brittany and Derek's Marina Village Spinnaker Room Wedding


Though Brittany and Derek had been married for a few years, they hadn’t had the chance to bring their families together for a wedding. “Sometimes we get so caught up in our lives that we forget to celebrate the special days” Brittany said about their wait. See Brittany and her military husband have endured deployments that set back them back with regards to scheduling her wedding and family visiting.But, things took a turn in the right direction when they first found out that Derek would not be deploying for a few years which could give her time to start building her wedding. Then Brittany received a call that her offer was accepted at her dream venue – Marine Village. With these two things in place, she was determined to move forward except she had no idea where to start.


And this is where I come in. I met Brittany with her two boys in Starbucks to go over her wedding and it was hilarious; her two sons could be comedians. We laughed our way to getting through a timeline and an understanding what Brittany really wanted: a fun wedding with a lot of photos with her husband. “No problemo” I said, and referred Tina of Narahchic.Photography to help me with the latter part.


This wedding was truly what a union of families should be, complete with a beautiful toast and Tequila shots to round out the celebration. There was even a special bottle of Tequila for the dance-off winner. Of course, this helped with the non-stop dancing to Latin music, pop, and some much needed country. At the end of the night, every couple and loved one in the house was embracing as they swayed to “Tennessee Whiskey” by Christ Stapleton.


A big thank you from Tina of Narahchic.Photography and I, DJ Tony Kings, for entrusting us with the union of this beautiful family.