Ashley and Greg's The Crossing at Carlsbad Wedding

I was introduced to our bride and groom through a friend who knew I would be a great fit to their big day. The wedding was only a few months away and our couple had been working hard saving up money and taking care of their two young boys, so have not had the time to iron-out their wedding details. They wanted someone knowledgeable who could guide them in the right direction and keep things as simple as possible – so I did just that


 I offered my services to include wedding coordinating, DJ/MC, photobooth, and wedding photography through my trusty partner Tina of To work around their busy schedules, I initially came over their house for a pizza dinner to learn about their vision. The rest of our communication was via text, email, and phone calls. Together we finished the timeline and discussed the most important part for Ashley – the father/daughter dance.


Ashley’s father had been struggling with his health but made it a mission that he come and watch his little girl get married. A proud papa as he stood up and walked his daughter down the aisle.  After dinner, he had a very special speech and toast inviting Ashley on the dance floor for their father/daughter dance.


We ended the night dancing away and taking photos at the photobooth. Thank you for opening up your home to me and trusting my team and I to help make your wedding vision true.