Carla and Naomi's Intimate Backyard Wedding in Fallbrook

As I grow in this DJ business, nothing becomes clearer to me than love has no boundaries. Whether love is in the form of friendship, a significant other, parent, or all three – love is love.


I met Carla at a networking event in town and we hit it off right away. The moment she agreed to grab a drink with me, which was minutes into our conversation, I knew she would be someone I would cherish forever. It wasn’t long after that moment I learned she was planning a wedding with the love of her life, Naomi.

IMG_3467 (1).JPG

“Love of my life Naomi”, as described by Carla, brought with her a perfect little family and a sense of normalcy in Carla’s fast-paced life. Together they came up with an intimate idea for a wedding that I was happy to assist in creating.


A family backyard wedding complete with the people who have always supported their relationship. The support on their wedding day was outpouring. Nothing could stop this wedding from happening – not even rain. From the moment Naomi walked down the aisle, the sky cleared, and we all watched in awe as our friends became one. To the Bride and Bride, Cheers.


Photography Credit to Alberto of LRPhotography (@a_lrphotography) the official photographer of VIsta. Wedding video credit to David Zumaya of My San Diego North County.


Also bonus picture of meeting Carla for the first time!