Fonso and Madison's Lafayette Hotel Wedding

Two of my old co-workers. No one ever really noticed the small world that Fonso and Madison were building through the subtle eye contact, smiles, and laughs between these two at work, How could we? Our fast-paced in demand jobs kept us so busy. But, even throughout our busy schedules, Fonso always found the time to meet Madison in their small world. This would be something Madison would cherish throughout their relationship as it grew from coffee shop dates in North Park to vacationing across the world to Italy. Time has a wonderful way of showing us what really matters, and they always found time to spend it in their own little world. 


I remember the speech that Madison's dad gave during the toast where he explained the magnitude that people can have on each other's lives and waiting to long to express those feelings. Just like Madison's dad, I too am grateful that our couple was able to realize their love for each other so early in their relationship.


This wedding was a great clash of cultures uniting into one. Thank you for being my friends and congratulations to a lifetime of happiness. 


Photography taken by the wonderful Brooke Ziegler photography (