Christian and Megan's Marina Village Bayview Room Wedding

It’s great how some friendships can change into love.

And that's where the story of  our couple begins; first as friends and then into lovers. They vowed to always keep their friendship as the foundation of their love. This was their secret in being able to keep the relationship full of laughter and light-hearted fun. 

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Their wedding was no different. They were surrounded by family and their closest friends, whom they trusted to keep and support their vision of friendship and love.  

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Christian and Megan’ wedding was a fun-filled night with some much needed laughs. We rounded the evening with karaoke to Journey’s “Don’t Stop Beliving”. I brought everyone together on the dance floor one last time, with mic in hand, inviting them to sing along and close out the night with a bang.

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A super fun wedding with smiles and laughs to last a lifetime. Thank you guys for endless joy and for choosing me on your wedding escapade! Thank you to the talented Tina from NaraChic.Photography for the great captured moments