Erich and Roxy's Sacred Mountain Retreat Wedding

 A wedding fit for a King…or two.

Erich and Roxy’s wedding is what I expect when you put a really fun family in an intimate setting – beautiful craziness.  From the painfully truthful toast speeches to grandma twerking it on the dance floor to “punta” music – laughter and fun ensued throughout the night.


My clock started during cocktail hour with some “sophisticated jazz and blues” from the Sophisticados. This two piece guitar band paid homage to some great classics while mixing in their style. They set the mood for something sweet and calming as people mingled and grabbed drinks for the night.


Soon after they were done, it was time to eat. We transitioned into the grand entrance to introduce the bridal party to our crowd. When they were all on the dancefloor, I directed everyone to settle down and look up at the balcony. I then played royal trumpets and music as our couple, Mr. and Mrs. King, walked onto the balcony to address us.


I love when couples think outside the box when it comes to eating options. I have to hand it to our couple as we had some really good BBQ food and famous Julian Pie of all varieties we could grab.


The last bits of the night were so fun they felt it went by so fast. The Dance-off was such a hit as the couples really competed for a very special numbered bottle of Jose Cuervo Reserve DeFamilia Platino (Family Reserved Platinum Jose Cuervo) Tequila the winner could take home.


We ending the night dancing to Reggaeton, Cumbia, Salsa, Merengue, Punta, hip hop, and pop music. A big thank you to Erich and Roxy King for letting me be a part of royalty on their special day. Photo credit to Tina at NaraChic.Photography.