Marisse and Patrick's San Diego Zoo Safari Park Wedding

I love it when cultures collide and mix into a beautiful sea of happy, fun, loving people. This is the case for Marisse and Patrick's family. They traveled far as Patrick's family hailed from Canada while Marisse's from Costa Rica. Nobody, including our couple, were from San Diego. This did not deter them for the very moment they visited the San Diego Safari Park, Marisse and Patrick knew this would be the place they would say forever I do too; and they did. 


This couple was very much into their family that traveled to see them. They cut photos short to be able to mingle for cocktail hour. For dinner hour they came without a grand entrance and was just happy to come in surrounded by family. After our dinner was served, we started speeches and then they proceeded to their first dance.


Their first dance was such a powerful moment. The electricity went down temporarily but their family were there to support them. They began to sing and hum the tune of their first dance so they didn't stop. 

Soon after the first dance, I began to play a mix of Spanish, oldies, funk, and disco. Everyone went up to celebrate and dance taking lessons from each other to make sure they were in rhythm. 


After some dancing we got together to celebrate our couple during their cake cutting ceremony. We followed it with a special bouquet toss consisting of our friend the sloth bride.


Our last event was something Marisse and I came up with that is significant in the Costa Rican culture. With one hour left, we got a Mariachi band to play some music for 20 minutes before we got back on the dance floor to end the night.


A special thank you for allowing me to be part of your guys' forever. I cannot wait to see what life unravels for you two. Also, a big shout out to Tina of Narah Chic Photography!


Some Photobooth photos of the event!