Rachel and Joshua's Hilton San Diego Bayfront Wedding

Genesis 2:18 reads Lo tov he-yot ha-adam le'vado - It is not good for man to be alone.

It is believed by the Jewish community that love is a blessing from G-d and it is part of the natural order of creation. It is what defeats loneliness and continues the traditions that the Jewish community hold so dear in their hearts.


The ceremony was beautiful. The draping lit up with my uplights to give the stage a real pop compared to the rest of the room. 

2018-01-14 07.25.56.jpg
2018-01-14 07.17.40.jpg

Now I have learned that there is not Jewish celebration without the beloved Hava Nagila. A true sight to see as both families get to intertwine with each other in celebration.

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After the Hava Nagila we went to the first dance. father daughter dance, and a few other ceremonial things. 

2018-01-14 09.11.50.jpg

After all that had to be said was said and everything that needed to be done was done, we partied the rest of the night. Thank you Rachel and Joshua for showing me that a strong marriage is supported by a strong community.

2018-01-14 09.39.40.jpg
2018-01-14 09.40.43.jpg

PS: The last picture is us holding pictures of dogs that could not make it to the wedding.