Mark and Sam's Twin Oaks House Wedding

She was different - a phrase that Mark used to describe Sam in his vows. "Different in the way she smiles, the way she loves me, and in the way she makes me laugh. Today, I am truly marrying my best friend".

"I promise to take up the majority of the bed when I come home at 2am from work" - Sam's Vows

A perfect mixture of love and fun, this couple kept me on my creative toes when it came to giving them the best night of their lives.


Sam wanted to incorporate her love for Star Wars somewhere in the wedding and I thought the best way to include it was during the Grand Entrance. We came up with the plan to purchase light sabers for the bridal party and have them give our bride and groom a "Jedi Style" entrance.


And of course, my infamous "Battle of the Decades" was incorporated to put rival co-workers against each other with the best performance winning Crystal Skull Aurora Vodka.


The rest of the night was a roller coaster of fun and emotion. From the parent dances to the last song of the night, we all "let our freak flags out" as Sam would put it.


Thank you guys for allowing me to witness a new hope. Cheers to Mark and Sam!