Elyse and Jaret's Felicita County Park 90s Wedding


Sometimes you want to return to an easier time in life. A time when Saturday morning cartoons gave reason to wake up early, MTV actually played music videos, and McDonald's had the good Hi-C orange soda. 

These years were the best years for my friends Jaret and Elyse and they wanted to share that experience with everyone. Supplied with tie-dyed slap bracelets, pop rocks, and 90s music, we created a vibe that was equal parts fun and nostalgic.


Midway through the wedding, I decided to get a little extra 90s for my clients. I changed my outfit to reflect the vibe and got on the dance floor to help lead the cupid shuffle. 


Not far from the dance floor I had my photo booth snapping photos with 90s inspired props and photo strips


This wedding was a blast from the past and one I will use to reference for the creativity I can bring to my client's vision. Thank you Jaret and Elyse for giving me the platorm to make your 90s wedding such a hit!