Jennifer and Andrew's Coronado Cays Yacht Club Wedding

Right from the start, the fire that Jennifer and Andrew have for life and success was evident. Andrew is a Navy Seal, and Jennifer a teacher and former cheerleader for The University of Nebraska. Young, enamored and full of happiness, these two knew their passions could only be fulfilled due to the support they have for each other. I was so happy to meet them and be able to put together something spectacular for the vision they had of their wedding. 

We started with a cocktail hour where I began the festivities with some country music for their family and friends, while Andrew and Jennifer took some photos with Ben Ramos Photos.. When they wrapped that up I asked everyone to find their seats and opened up the evening asking “Where are all my Nebraska fans at?” The crowd roared, and I knew it was the perfect moment to play the University of Nebraska’s “Can You Feel It,” remixed by Matt Jamison, to start off the grand entrance and introductions. I called the bridal party in couple by couple, while the crowd belted out the song word for word. Once the bridal party was fully introduced and in place, they made a tunnel for the couple to walk through. As I played “There is No Place Like Nebraska” by the Nebraska Cornhusker Marching Band, guests went wild and the beautiful bride and handsome groom made their grand entrance. 

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As custom has it, with everyone’s attention on the magnetic couple, Jennifer and Andrew had their first dance and we began dinner shortly thereafter. 

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The speakers who gave toast speeches were absolutely wild. The best man told a hilarious story about a memory of his with the groom, but truly, the maid of honor stole the whole show. She had managed to get her hands on Jennifer’s childhood baby doll, and honored the doll’s special place in this bride’s life by talking about how the doll had been through thick and thin with her. Through adolescence, college, and now in this stage of her life, in her new home with her husband..

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The speeches concluded with Jennifer’s father imparting his words for the newlyweds. He did his best to hold it together, but as any father feels in this moment, once they were called to the dance floor for the Father/Daughter dance, it was apparent how much love and pride he felt in that moment. Then of course, Andrew and his mom were called to take the floor as well, and they had their moment in the spotlight full of laughter and emotion. 

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After the parent dances, I unleashed my infamous Dance-Off. With 5 couples going head to head in battle with the grand prize of a special bottle of liquor, and more importantly, bragging rights for the rest of their lives, the entertainment was on full blast. I can honestly say that things I’ve never seen done before were introduced that night. From full blown cock-fighting dance moves to a baby stealing team (no babies were harmed!), the crowd cheered for their favorite couple. Ultimately, only one winner could be chosen, and were gifted the prize by the bride and groom themselves.

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With everyone already on their feet to witness the madness, I decided it was the perfect time to open up the dance floor. But first we absolutely had to make sure Jennifer’s baby doll didn’t miss her moment in the spotlight. Check out the videos.

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Thank you both - Jennifer and Andrew - for your service. From one veteran to another, from a boy who became a man with what he learned from his very own teachers…you are both contributing to our society in such wonderful ways, and are incredibly good people. Thank you, again. 

 A big shout to Tina of Tina Q Photography for being the wedding coordinator and keeping everything on track throughout the night. And another one to our photographer  Ben of Ben Ramos Photos, as well as the extremely helpful staff at Coronado Cays Yacht Club.