Nichole and Dane's The Lodge at Torrey Pines Wedding

And for the first time ever…DRs MR. and Mrs……

The pleasure was all mine when I met with Nichole, her mom, and her brother to discuss her unique vision for her wedding.  There were a few distinct things she knew early on she wanted: to be introduced as Doctors as they just finished earning their PhD’s, and to fit in an Armenian dance if at all possible. How awesome would it be to announce their accomplishment by introducing them officially as a couple, and as doctors for the first time? Also, I love incorporating all elements of culture and tradition. I happily obliged.


There were some amazing highlights during the wedding. My favorites included the heart-felt speeches, the groom, Dane, taking over the bar, and of course the special Armenian dance. I made sure we got everyone together while Nichole’s brother taught everyone how to dance the Kochari.


Thank you for placing your trust in me to achieve a fun wedding together. It was a bittersweet end as everyone wanted to stay and continue dancing, but alas…it was closing time for the venue... Even though I caught you trying to put one more song on lol. 


A big shout-out to the wedding coordinator Catherine from CBS Lifestylist, Paula from LunaPhoto for these great shots, and Tina of NarahChic.Photography for operating the photobooth.