Aldo and Catie's Fairbanks Ranch Clubhouse Wedding

Lovers from the very first moment they met each other. It was pretty hard to find these guys separated throughout the end. They were all smiles and giddy from the beginning of their reception to the very end – and I am sure after. Some of the best moments were taken by Tina from NarahChic Photography which I thank so much for helping me out.

Our couple during their first dance. All smiles I tell you.


No matter how many weddings I have done, I still get emotional for the father/daughter dance. It is definitely one of the most powerful moments at any wedding. I normally have it after speeches with the father having the last toast.


Whether dancing for free or dancing for money, we had everyone supporting our couple on their big day. Thank you so much for letting me in on the smiles of the one of the cutest couples I’ve met.