Kim and Glen's Tom Ham's Lighthouse Wedding

I met Kim at the San Diego Bridal Bazaar last year when she came to ask me about the photobooth. We talked for a bit before I told her about the DJ/Photobooth combo I could provide. She let me down easy as she already had chosen a wedding DJ, but was still interested in the photobooth. Understandably so, I told her to check me out none the less and we kept contact.

After contacting each other a few times, I met Kim along with Glen to go over some wedding packages. Kim loved the way I built her wedding, how easy it was to talk to me, how flexible I was on demand, and how available I was to always help her out. 

6 months later I am honored to be DJing her wedding.

Here's some photos of the night. From the grand entrance to the open dancing, it was a night to remember.


There was this one particular moment where out of nowhere Glen asked me to get 50 cent
"In Da Club", the song they first danced too when they first met each other, on que to be played he got ready for Kim. I played along and waited for the signal that they were ready.

Once I got the signal, I quickly got everyone's attention and opened up the dance floor so that they could come in sporting their surprise light-up shoes. 

I appreciate and love when the couples can be super fun and creative! Thank you guys and MYDjs for trusting me with your big day.