Stella and Taegang's Sheraton Carlsbad Wedding


"Simple and pretty." Those were the two words the couple wanted everyone to be able to describe the wedding as -  and I was happy to bring their vision to life! 

Taegang wanted to make his first dance with Stella as special as possible and I thought what better way than to dance romantically in the clouds. With this in mind, I brought my trusty Nimbus machine and together we brought the clouds to their dance floor.

Stella's favorite color has always been pink and she was looking for a unique way to incorporate that color in the wedding. We sorted through an array of options and ended up using pink up-lights to create an ambiance.

Every wedding has plenty of planning involved, but when the wedding requires a great knowledge of Korean Pop music, you submerge yourself in it. After weeks of listening to K-pop, I knew I was ready for the dancing portion. When the lights dimmed, I opened up with music that had everyone rushing to the dance floor.


A special shout out to the Sheraton in Carlsbad and all the staff that helped make this night great for our wedding couple; to Heather Wilson for the awesome photography that night, and of course to Stella and Taegang for letting me be part of their special night.