Trae and Wendy's La Mesa Community Center Wedding

Wendy! You and I will be friends forever. I had such a great time DJing and hosting your and Trae's beautiful wedding. Go Navy!

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Wendy knew exactly where she wanted to get married. When Trae asked to date Wendy after meeting numerous times, it was on a bench behind La Mesa Community Center. Little did she know that later in their relationship he would propose to her on that very bench. This bench has been a place they share often, and now they share it as husband and wife.

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Comedy with moments of respect is what I can say this wedding was. We had great laughs the majority of the night, but fell into tears at other moments. Comedy: Mom on the dance floor competing for a six-pack of beer in the dance-off. Respect: Trae dancing with his mother. Both were tear-jerkers.

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The last leg of the wedding with the bouquet/garter (that face though) toss and dancing was incredible. Great to see so many people dancing to Spanish music such as salsa, cumbia, and bachata with a mix of hip-hop, 60s, and country.

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A Special thanks to Wendy and Trae for an amazing night. Thanks guys!